Monday, April 1, 2013

What would you do?

Here's the dialogue I had entering the US from Canada at the Pacific Highway Border Crossing on March 29, 2013... What would you have done if you were me??

Me: Hello.
Immigration Officer 1: Where are you heading today?

Me: Seattle
Immigration Officer 1: What for?

Me: To visit some friends
Immigration Officer 1: How do you know these people?

Me: I lived in Seattle for about 5 years
Immigration Officer 1: What was your status in the US?

Me: H1B
Immigration Officer 1: Where did you work?

Me: Labinal
Immigration Officer 1: What did you do there?

Me: I was an engineer, working on the 787 wiring
Immigration Officer 1: Where did you go to school?

Me: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida
Immigration Officer 2: Is that a little bit inland from the beach?

Me: It's about 3 miles from the beach
Immigration Officer 1: Wow, so your parents must be rich... (holding my Nigerian passport)

Me: Well....
Immigration Officer 1: ... or criminal!

Immigration Officer 2: Sometimes, they're one and the same!

Immigration Officer: Yeah, but you seem like a good guy!
Me: <Silience>... collecting my passport and driving away.

Nigeria really needs a new image! I'm tired of being suspected of being a criminal or a terrorist when people find out I'm Nigerian.

Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of how, and where, I was raised... but having to deal with all the negative aspects of Nigeria's image is getting a little bit old. There are lots of good things about Nigeria and in my life, I've met so many Nigerians that make me proud to wave the flag... but I have met people that make me brush up on my 'oyinbo' accent... :-)

There are so many beautiful things that Nigeria has to offer the world and I wish we could do just that, without have to explain or make excuses for the bad things.

Nigeria WILL be great! I believe it! I just hope it's in my lifetime.

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