Friday, July 30, 2010

… and if life is just a highway …

The next bit of this song goes, "then the soul is just a car." I don't really think that is entirely relevant to what I wanted to say here, but I thought that might be a catchy title... But I have recently discovered from a new reader, that my amazing titles aren't always so amazing... lol.

So, have you ever been a road so long that you forget why you're on it and where you're going? I'm speaking figuratively of course... with current prices for fueling up your car, that probably doesn't happen to most people. What I'm really trying to say is, have you ever done something for so long, that you really don't know why you're still doing it, but it just seems right? You try to justify it, but can't really think of a good reason to stay on that course... Well, I'm there... But, I've decided to take a chance and get off this highway and see what there is to be discovered.

I'd like to go into detail and not speak in code, but let's just say, if I did that, I might end up getting run off the road and it might not be so easy to get back on... But hopefully, I'll eventually be able to speak out, once I get on my new course... this is gonna be one hell of a road trip!!! ;-)

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  1. Hang in there bro, we're all ready for the ride !!