Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nigeria vs Ghana

I've made a few attempts to start blogging again... I usually end up writing a few lines then abandonning them. I really hope that doesn't have to me now...

Over the last couple months, I've thought of 1,001 things I could have blogged about. But for some reason, I tend to lose interest before my ideas bear fruit. Today I was given an idea and I think I'm gonna go with it...

Growing up in Nigeria, I had numerous encouters with ghanians. In high school, I had a ghanain english teacher. There was a strong ghanain prescence throughout the Educational system. There was even a ghanain french teacher... they were everywhere.

I noticed from a young age and I was reminded recently that when nigerians and ghanains come together, there is definitely something different in the air. It's hard to put a finger on it though. It's almost as if an inate competitive streak comes out and we all try to outdo each other. This is never more evident than in sports, more specifically, football (soccer... for those of you who call it that).

I haven't been a witness to many of the encounters between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Black Stars of Ghana, but the 2 recent meeting have been interesting. Nigeria lost both games, one a friendly in London and the other an African Nation's cup match in Ghana. For both this games, I was put through a build up that would have convinced many people that the world cup final was about to be played. After the game my phone was constantly buzzing... my 'friends' just need to gloat and I obliged them.

But the rivalry doesn't stop there. I've found myself, on more than one occassion, arguing about which country was better at something or just better in general. In the end, most of these arguments were rather pointless. But the ferocity with which the national pride was guarded could not be questioned. I recently argued that Nigeria made better movies that Ghana. I would never have pictured myself doing that though. First of all, I not the biggest fan of Nigerian movies, I'm probably one of the biggest critics. Secondly, I've only seen about 10 minutes of a Ghanain movie... But I still rose to the defense of my people.

In my experience, our rivalry has not spilled over to hatred, far from it. Ghanians are some of the nicest people I know (sometimes too nice... ;) )... I guess they're like a twin brother... We may argue and fight, but at the end of the day, we'll come back inside and just chill...

PS: I wrote this post while I was half asleep and I didn't proof read it.... If it makes no sense, I apologize... lol

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  1. It makes sense. even if it doesnt, the best anyone can do is go somewhere else.

    but come to think of it, Nigerians write better blogs than