Friday, March 7, 2008

It’s not fair!

In football, and life in general, you don't always get what you deserve. Most people that know me will know that I am a big fan of Manchester United... I wasn't planning on it, but jet lag meant that I woke up at about 5am local time today. So I decided to watch my beloved team play a tricky FA Cup game at home to Portsmouth. The game is almost over now and I can't believe my eyes. We've totally dominated this game, but through a series of bad decisions, bad luck and one bad mistake, we're on the verge of being eliminated from the competition. Nobody, likes to lose a game, but if you play badly and you lose, it's easier to take because you only feel the disappointment of defeat. Right now, I had the added feeling of being cheated. Don't get me wrong, we only have ourselves to blame. We had a host of chances that we would normally put away with ease, but today, that killer instinct was missing... I really hope this is a one-off occurence.
(FULL TIME - Manchester United 0-1 Portsmouth)
I don't even feel like writing anymore... :(....

PS: Here are the links to my pictures from Nigeria.

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(Dad’s Birthday 2)

Monday, March 3, 2008


I'm back in Everett now. Got back from Nigeria on Sunday afternoon. The two weeks I spent at home were great... It was crazy hot and NEPA (or PHCN if you're picky) was so useless they might have as well not existed. The entire time I was there, we were running the generator. We probably had power for about 24 (non-consecutive) hours during my time there and when there was power, the voltage was only a fraction of what it should have been... but even with all that, I had a wonderful time. I didn't have to work for two weeks, which was great. But more importantly, it was the first time in almost 9 years that my entire family was together... I had to take the opportunity to get a new family photo taken (the previous one was about 15 years old)... All in all, it was a wonderful holiday. Pity it had to end... I'll probably write at least one more post about my trip in the next few days. Watch for that and pictures (on facebook)...