Monday, November 26, 2007

How many people can say…

... my entire family is on facebook?

My mom recently joined facebook. By doing that, she completed the feat. When I joined facebook a couple years ago, it was a networking site for college students in the US. It was opened to the general public a while ago and since then, there has been an explosion in membership. I actually know of one other family that is on facebook, but if you'd told me I could message my parents on facebook one year ago, I'd have called you crazy...  Funny old world isn't it?


  1. When mum comes over to visit you, get ready to coach her on how to use facebook. You have been warned.

  2. Don't worry, she'll have a lot of time to practice... Meanwhile, I think I've lost all my readers on here... might have something to do with the months with no posts...

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